Florida Loved

     If you’re coming from our about page, then you already know a few of the facts about the structure of Mark Arthur. Here in the blogs, you’ll learn more about who we are at the heart of our emerging brand. How the dream of creating the top-to-bottom finely tuned engine we are now, full of the brightest talents Florida has to offer, came to be.

     The Mark of Mark Arthur knew from the beginning that he wanted to keep everything from manufacturing to content creation based in his home state. His love for the state and its betterment of it drove him toward this goal. Not only did he want to create an American-made product, but he also wanted it to benefit those in his local economy. Working with other small family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the state to shape Mark Arthur into what it is today. Along with this, an equally significant factor was sustainability. Mark has been a leading force behind conservation efforts in Florida even before expanding into the arena of fashion. With everything from working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Alligator Management Team on revisions of alligator regulations to management of alligator habitat on private wetlands. He was determined to construct a brand that left the place he loves better than when he started and to do so, creating trust between Mark Arthur and its patrons.

     As you dive into the brand, we hope you love the story of who we are to the couture we make as much as we do. With each piece you purchase, each blog you read, and each social media you support, you start to sense that YOU are the muse behind this vision. A luxury product made for those who value the beauty behind family-based values.

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