From Marsh to Market

The Sustainability of the American Alligator 

     At the heart of Mark Arthur is a family rooted in conservation. We are proud to maintain the highest standards in the industry as well as the laws and standards in accordance with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


     Not only does the farming of alligators positively affect both the wetland ecosystem and the alligator species, but it also creates an additional economic resource for the state. The farming of alligators is part of one of the world’s most remarkable wildlife conservation success stories. Through a conservation partnership between wildlife agencies, landowners, alligator farmers, and others, using science-based wildlife management, wild alligator populations in the U.S. have increased by over 10-fold. They are now stable and healthy despite previously being considered endangered. An estimated 5 million occupy the wetlands of the southeastern U.S. to date.

     Like most farms in America, ours is family-run and operated. The year-round operation is one that we have worked relentlessly to perfect. Starting from egg collection, our sister company boasts a survival rate of 92% versus the 2% rate of alligators in the wild. From our participation in wetland research efforts to our nutritional program, each alligator has meticulously been cared for. We value the alligators beyond their hides and believe in using the entirety of their production, and have had the opportunity to supply meat nationwide. What sets us apart from other sustainable resources, such as cattle farming, is alligator production is ranked as zero waste, meaning every part can be utilized. Farming of alligators has also collapsed the illegal hunt of alligators because of the strict state and federal regulations. As well as creating economic opportunities for local landowners to leave their real estate undeveloped and wetlands intact and in their most natural state.

     We are proud of our part in creating a system that allows us to be active in every aspect of the process. Allowing us to be the first to say we are genuinely a “Marsh to Market’ production. We work tirelessly to ensure our transparency with the consumer in order to create trust in the persons looking to invest in ethically sourced and humanly developed alligator products from start to finish.