In 2016 the spark of an idea flared.

What would it take to build a completely in-house luxury product? One that would stand on
cornerstones of sustainability and would be ethically sourced. To cultivate pieces of art that
conveyed bespoke American craftsmanship versus the ever-trending move toward fast
fashion and mass production. Accessories that would stand out to those who covet the
aesthetic of classic luxury yet value individualism.

Thus, Mark Arthur was born.

For the last six years, Mark Arthur has strived to reach perfection. Ensuring that they not only
surpass industry standards but that they champion the heart of collectors from all corners of
the world. Countless hours have been spent curating optimal designs that speak to the heart
of the modern collector. From bold statement colors to vintage-inspired neutrals, each piece
displays an eye to finer details. Valuing the beauty of each piece’s uniqueness to complement
the style of the modern person.