The Side Piece

We all know the importance of the small touches.

From key chains to wallets we all know the love that goes into the tiny details. how those small fine-tuned touches make you, you.

     Every element of the Mark Arthur brand, from the main squeezes to these cute side pieces, is made with the same skill and consideration. The luxury doesn’t stop at our bags and belts. These delicate touches of craftsmanship assure a chic look in the most subtle ways. Whether you like to mix and match colors or prefer a more uniform look, you’re sure to appreciate these polished details.

     Our Band Box is a standout in our accessories for those who can never choose just one. Mark Arthurs’ elegant solution to dressing up our smartwatches. With the option of sixes colors and customizable hardware, there isn’t an outfit or occasion it won’t complement. Each piece of alligator leather is hand graded to guarantee they are just as exquisitely made.

So go on and treat yourself to these petite pieces of art. You know you deserve it.

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